The traumas of everyday life can leave deeply rooted wounds in our unconscious mind. This damage, if untreated, can compound and have profound effects on how we see ourselves and the world around us.


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Take Control of Your Life
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Our Approach

We use carefully created integrative healing and relaxing experiences utilizing breathing, meditation, guided visualization and hypnotic techniques. Our method has been developed over many years by our founder.

The Processes.

The Processes are a tool to achieve self-actualization, a transformation that comes from within. This is achieved by you reprogramming the childhood conditioning that holds us back, allowing us to access our own internal wisdom.

The Processes help you to address the wounds from within and allow you to unlock your own potential for change. By addressing the unconscious mind, we allow you to target the root of the issue.

If you allow the processes to do what they can for you, by relaxing and letting go. You can achieve the empowerment required to take control of your life and well-being.

Kind Words from Clients

Carol B from Commack, NY
In the time I have been working with The Wellness Factor I can see/feel a difference in myself. I am at peace. Life is not easy but my attitude toward the difficult times is one of hope and gratitude. I acknowledge daily the positive things in my life and have faith in my future.
Patrick C from Bohemia, NY
I have recommended The Wellness Factor to many of my friends and family members. The ones that were ready to put in the work to get better are all seeing similar results. I thank God daily for putting Shelia in my life and I look forward to continuing our work together.
Veronica H from Copiague, NY
My sessions with the wellness factor were a lifesaver for me. My mind is healthy and my soul is at peace. Life is so different for me now and feeling free of my hurtful past is wonderful.
Dawn G from California
Shiela has put my mental health back into my hands by showing me a fresh outlook on my consciousness by letting my unconsciousness make decisions that weren't revealed to me by any other therapy. With the feedback from my vibration, I have moved the bar to control emotions and developed a strong belief in my intuition, which has opened many doors that served me well in every area of my life.
About The Wellness Factor Inc.

Sheila Santi is a AC, CHt, CMT and Reiki practitioner. Ms. Santi is a retired drug and alcohol clinician who has been in private practice for over seventeen years. Ms. Santi is the creator of the hypnotic self-esteem building and enhancing, "Santi System for Emotional Repatterning" AKA "The Processes".

The "Santi System" has been a major component of Ms. Santi's private practices for the past twelve years and as such has a proven track record of success for people in all walks of life. None of the processes ever tell you what to do or how to do it because this system honors the fact that each of us is unique, so you and only you know what is in your own best interest. The problem is accessing your own internal knowledge. What this new system does is allow you to rid yourself of the old tapes and childhood conditionings so that you can access your own innate wisdom. The result is a well rounded, positive sense of self and personal power for the user.

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